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Fundamental English Assignments

Fundamental English Assignment

May 30th, 2018



Fundamental English Syllabus

English Fundamentals
Carmel Valley Middle School
Mrs. Sands
Room 802
(858) 481-8221 ext. 3076

Dear Parents and Students,

     Welcome to Fundamental English!. This class will focus on the California Common Core State 
Standards and incorporate literature from the 7th and 8th grade curriculum. Students will have 
instruction in vocabulary, reading strategies, comprehension, literary analysis, grammar and writing.

Objectives of this course are:

1. Gain exposure to academic Vocabulary
2. Gain exposure to a variety of literary generes
3. Learn and apply grammar concepts to your writing
4. Learn the process for writing for different purposes and audiences
5. Learn to analyze and write about Literature


Reading Log (A combination of in class and at home reading) 
Warm Ups  10%                                                                                 
Writing Assignments:  25%                                                              
Assessments/Quizzes:  20%                                                               
Classwork/Homework: 30%                                                                                                                
Grading Scale:

90-100%    A
80-89%      B
70-79%      C
60-69%      D
59 and below- F

Cell Phone Policy:
Keep cell phone in backpack unless you are given permission. Phone will be taken after 1 warning and kept until after school. Repeated infractions will result in parent picking up phone from assistant principal. 

Materials for class-Please bring the following each day:
1 spiral for Daily Warn ups. (See me if you are unable to obtain one)
Section in your binder for Writing and Grammar 

Students may make up any assignments due to an excused absence. Please refer to the student agenda for disciplinary procedures for plagiarism, behavioral infractions and tardies. Students are expected to follow all school rules in class.

Progressive discipline plan: verbal warning, after class conference, detention/contact parent, referral. A referral will be written immediately in instances of severe disruption (health and safety issues).

I have read and understand the Fundamental English Syllabus. Please Sign and return the bottom section:


Student Name (print) _____________________________________________________

Student Signature: ________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _________________________________________________________

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Academic Support Class Syllabus

Academic Support Class

Respect, Responsibility, Readiness

Carla Sands
Education Specialist, Room 802
858-481-8221 ext: 3076

Course Objectives:
 To provide students the opportunity to improve in the areas of organization, study skills, and self-advocacy through mini lessons presented in class. Students will also receive individual and small group support with their assignments/homework as needed. A portion of the class will be devoted to specific areas of the IEP.  Each student will become familiar with their accommodations and receive support with goal progress. 

Our classroom code of conduct revolves around three central concepts—
Respect, Responsibility and Readiness: Respect for self, peers, teachers, our school and our communities; Responsibility for words and actions, and Readiness to participate, to learn, and to prepare for all classes.

Students will:
·         Maintain a daily student planner 
·         Maintain a binder to organize work for all academic classes
·         Arrive to class prepared with all necessary materials each day for all classes
·         Follow all school and district rules/policies

Cell Phone Policy:  Cell phones must be kept in backpacks unless you have permission to use them for academic purposes. Chromebooks and computers will be available for students to study, research and complete assignments. Students may also bring earbuds to listen to music on our Chromebooks.

Progressive Discipline Policy: Verbal Warning/name on board, after class conference, detention/contact parents, referral.

Student Progress:
Daily points will be awarded to students for the following: Completing agenda, completion of class objectives for the day, maintaining an organized binder and completing a daily point sheet. A total of 30 points per week (10 points per day) plus 20 points bi-weekly for Aries grade slips (due every late start Monday).

Grades will be based on a standard grading scale: 90-100% and up = A, 80 – 89% = B, 70 – 79% = C, 60-69% = D, 59-0% = F

Tardiness:  Refer to student handbook. Detentions are automatically generated by attendance office when student is marked tardy. Call attendance office to excuse your student when you know they will be late.


I have read the syllabus and understand the objectives and policies for the Academic Support class.  Please SIGN AND RETURN. 


Student Name (print): ___________________________________

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